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FREE: Collection of videos to support high school/adult newcomers.

What if you could immediately support high school Newcomers and parents of Newcomers of all ages? I collected 7 weeks' worth of easy videos to teach the most basic skills. All were selected based on speed and clarity. (They are not necessarily good for elementary students bec/ I wanted age-appropriate videos for HS and adults. ) There are QR codes for phones or links for computers.

Ways to use:

  • Give to parents at open house, registration, or the start of year. Show them how to use QR codes on their phones. This way busy parents can watch in their free time even if they don't have time for classes.

  • Print all of the pages, put in folders, and assign as needed.

  • Print by week and assign.

  • Print, cut, and put on index cards. Use in small groups or independent centers if you have access to Youtube at school.

Enjoy. I hope this resource supports your students and their families.

Favorite Facebook Groups:

Leading ELLs

While originally started to break the silos of teaching ELLs, it has become so much more. Leading ELLs is a Facebook group that not only shares lesson ideas, it is also a place to learn about issues impacting immigrants, their families, and those who teach them. In other words, it is a supportive community that helps you become better at doing what you love to do-teach English learners.

Facebook Groups
Free Professional Development


PaTTAN-Literacy Foundations for English Learners 1-12:

Online games:

Gamesl for ESL- Videos:

The Language Lady:


Special Ed and English Learner:

Engage New York:

Tech Support:

Copy of Student/Parent Tutorials


Videos to use in class: Go to "Learn English" tab to see the videos. Go to "We Speak" tab to get the teacher resources.