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How is math different around the world?

Comma vs decimals in numbers. Map of who uses which.

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Scaffolds for math:

Word Walls: 

Virginia Department of Education:  Word Wall per grade levels:

Free  Math Word Walls Granite School District: English, Spanish, French and Chinese:

Free Math Word Wall by Michèle S. Weiner

Mathematics Word Wall  (English, Spanish, Portuguese and Creole)

Math (Elementary, middle and HS: ELA, Science, Social Students) Glossaries in many languages:

Math Charts by Jenny Eather

Math lessons in English and Spanish. 

Math and Science curriculum online

Professional Books: 

Math for ELLs: As Easy as Uno, Dos, Tres. Great way to get a better understanding of how to teach multilingual learners math. (Primary grades)

Summer Math Packets: 4-8th grade:

Summer Math packets 5-8


Algebra Academic Vocabulary:

Alegbra I Sentence Stems:

Math Word Walls and Vocabulary: 

Math Professinal Materials


Science glossaries in many languages:

Science sentence stems:

The Visual non glossary by Dr. Stephen Fleenor:  This is a paid resource. Fantastic stems,  visuals and questions for each word, each grade level, per content. Sample visuals:

Professional Book: Teaching Science to English Learners:

Biology Academic Vocabulary:

Science Root Words flashcards


Effective Questioning in Social Studies with Tina Beene

Strategies for Teaching Content to ELLs