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These flashcards were a labor of love. I spent many, many hours trying to curate copyfree images and designing the simplest but most explicit designs possible to support our Newcomers, beginning ELLs, and SLIFE students. For 33+ years, I have shared all of my resources for free. Friends have encouraged me to open a TPT store or use various outlet to sell my material but it just has never felt right. For now, I would rather just keep giving my material away for free. Someone recently told me about a cool site called, "Buymeacoffee." The way it works is people can donate "a cup of coffee" to people who create stuff. I like coffee. You like free stuff. So, I signed up. If the resources here have saved you time and you find they are helpful, you are welcome to "buy me a cup of coffee" to keep me going. Just click the graphic below. (Yes, it real thing.)

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70+ Tech Flashcards, 20 pages: 4 cards per page. I hope you enjoy these and find them helpful. (Updated 8/29/20) Here's the link: