Tech Support in Many Languages

Here is a running list of places around the web that have tech support in various languages. PAMELA BROUSSARD

  1. Menu of many tech support videos in Spanish.

2. Google Classroom:

1. NYTESOL: Portuguese, Bengali, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Haitian, French, Korean, Urdu.

2. Arabic:

3. Spanish

4. Spanish: ESLHelpDesk10

5. Many languages: Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Swahili, Nepali by JCPS Digital Learning Channel

6. English, Spanish, Haitian Creole, Portuguese by Palm Beach County School District:

7. Spanish:

3. Zoom

Tutorial (Slides) in English/Spanish/Arabic by Sally Mosa




Fantastic List from: Immigrant Connections.

  1. Includes: Google classroom, Zoom, Class Dojo, Seesaw, Canvas in various languages.

4. Microsoft Teams in Spanish:


5. Schoology

  1. Spanish.

  2. Spanish. How to download Schoology app onto phone.

6. Imagine Learning: English/Spanish

7. Explaining Chromebook

1. English: Let’s Explore your Chromebook by Kim Mattina

2. In Spanish translated by Patrica Hinojosa Z:

8. Directions for Adding the Google Translate Extension

English, Spanish, Haitian Creole, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Chinese, French, Arabic by Palm Beach County School District:

9. Video explaining how to use Immersive Reader:


Fort Bend ISD has these great resources. Click my photo then scroll to the bottom of their page to access them.

In English, but an amazing list of tech tutorials for students, parents and educators.

Tutorial Credits (VIEW ON TEACHER TUTORIAL VERSION): @JakeMillerTech, @historysandoval, @GoogleAppsForEdu, @DitchThatTextbook, @EricCurtis, @BenCogswell, @CandyTechIdeas, @MeganVenezia, @DustyPorter, @JaceyCrowl,, @NHSDTV, @NadineGilkison, @CyberdogStudios, @PocketfulOfPrimary, @JenniferHines, @MDTechVideos, @MikeMurphyCo, @CommonSenseMedia, @DavidCrabtree, @KATEMurrayState, @KnikoleTaylor, @MsDrasby, @tonyvincent, @myPD24/7, @TomMullaney, @ClaySmith, @SteveSmith, @MichelleLuhtala, @TempusNova, @MrMikeKaufman, @TarverAcademy, @LATITTrainer,, @FlippedClassroomTutorials, @MelissaLim, @friEdTechnology, @ShakeUpLearning, @MrCampbellRocks

Children/Parents having a hard time typing?

Damien Gaiters posted. Parents of younglings enduring digital learning: Are your children having a hard time typing? Mac OS:Press the fn button twice and it will allow talk to text. Windows: Press the windows button and H. You do need to make your mic is accessible. In your settings. This also works in Seesaw.