Understanding and Supporting Afghan Families: Relationships matter. In education, we know building relationships is critical to the success of students. But what if you are new to working with a specific culture and do not have any experience working with a certain population? It can take years and many mistakes, to begin to understand and make connections with a culture different than your own. This PD gives you 4 Keys to a deeper understanding of the Afghan culture and their recent experiences.

Presented by Pamela Broussard, Founder of Leading ELL who has lived and taught both in the US and in Afghanistan, and has over 30 years of working with new arrivals and immigrants.

And special guest,

Rana Hellali, born and raised in Afghanistan who recently escaped during the Taliban take over of the country not only shares insight into the culture but understands exactly what your students just experienced.

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Happy New Year March 22, 2022

Many of you have Afghan refugees. Tomorrow is Nowruz, or New Year celebrating the first day of spring. It would be a great time to reach out and connect with your Afghan students/families. As with the US, people celebrate or don't to various degrees but it would be a nice gesture to acknowledge them and their culture. It is celebrated with a festival of red tulips and planting a new tree or rose bush.

  • *Video explaining Nuroz

More Info:

Here are a few ideas:

  • Google "Afghan New Year" and grab a picture to make a card or banner.

  • Have students make cards to send home with your Afghan students.

  • Have a spring celebration or start your spring unit.

  • Tulip coloring pages:

  • Plant a seed, plant or tree.

  • Rose plants are also very popular and would be a great option to plant/give.

  • Compare New Year Celebrations. (Lunar, US, Nowruz...)

Many resources by

Colorin colorado! Click picture to lead to many, many links.

Can be accessed in different languages including Dari and Pashtu

Fantastic Presentation by Puja Mullins

Start here to begin to understand Afghan Culture


  1. ****The most current, recently completed Dari dictionary: Type word in the box under the Dari Script.

  2. Peacecore dictionary:

  3. Originally used to teach Dari, this PDF is organized by topic in the beginning and some grammar at the end. Could be used for basic words.

  4. 30 Most Common words in Dari. Includes audio

  5. 30 Most common words in Pashto. Includes Audio.

  6. Defense language institute: basic vocabulary (+ audio)

To translate Dari or Pashto:



  3. Microsoft Bing Translator. In browser not in app. Choose Persian for the language.

  4. Sayhi

  5. Talking Points

Interactive map of welcoming Afghans


Beautiful photos of Afghanistan:

Mullah Nasiruddin stories are famous folktales usually with a humorous twist or surprise ending. The stories are often told at bedtime and used to teach a moral lesson. While these stories are told in various cultures, including Afghanistan, Nasiruddin probably originated in Turkey as a religious leader and judge.

Am I small? آیا من کوچک هستم؟: English Dari/Afghan Persian/Farsi: Children's Picture Book

Dari/English with Audio