Tech Vocabulary List

These vocabulary lists would not be available if it wasn't for the generous support of educators, students and friends who translated these resources. I am grateful for all those who contributed.

If you would like actual flashcards with images to introduce the words, to present while teaching virtually or to create a word wall, click link at the bottom of the page.

I hope you find these resources helpful. (*If you or someone you know could provide other languages, please send me a message at @Leadingells or in the FB group LeadingELLs and I will send you the template.)

  1. Spanish: Translated by Taina Benitez

Dr. Lucia Shelley took the flashcards I made and created this Quizlet.

To get printed version of flashcards, go to Technology Tab and click Flashcards.

  1. Vietnamese: Translated by Hieu Nguyen (Updated 8/31/20)

  1. Arabic: Translated by-Mohammed and Rawan Fanous

  1. Chinese: Translated by-Katrina T. (wait for update...)

  1. Urdu: Translated by-Aisha Ansari

  1. Portuguese: Translated by- Cristiane Galvão

  1. Romanian: Translated by -Emily Smith

  1. Dari: (From Afghanistan)

Looking for help with other languages. If you can help, please contact me.

Need more than just a translated list?

I have made 70+ flashcards with graphics and words. These cards were designed with simple language and content for your Newcomers, beginning ESL, and SLIFE students.

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